Welcome to The Hipping Post

My name is Doug, I am 37 and my hip is done.  In two weeks, I am getting a hip replacement.  Technically, I am undergoing hip resurfacing surgery.  But when a surgeon cuts a six inch incision into your side, dislocates your hip and installs a metal device so you can walk normally again, replacement is as good a term as any.

This blog is the story of my hip resurfacing and recovery process.  I created this blog to provide updates to my family and friends.  Hopefully, by sharing my experiences, I can also provide some encouragement for people who may be facing hip replacement or resurfacing surgery.  I look forward to sharing a successful story.

4 responses to “Welcome to The Hipping Post

  1. Congrats on the new blog Doug…we’ll be praying for you and rooting for you during the procedure & recovery…and look forward to keeping up with your progress through this blog! What a great idea to chronicle the process & progress!

    • Thanks Colleen! You inspired me with your blog.
      Everyone, please check out The Fulcrum Chronicles on my Blogroll. Colleen is a great writer – her perspectives will make you laugh (and maybe cry).

  2. Catchy title for scary stuff. I hope we can stomach the gory details:) Wishing you all the best for this procedure.

  3. Nice job. I agree on the “replacment” terminology, it’s easier sometimes to explain than “resurfacing”.

    Tin Soldier (Bryn) from HIp Talk Forum

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