The Tragic(ally) Hip

“They shot a movie once, in my hometown
Everybody was in it, from miles around
Out at the speedway, some kinda Elvis thing
Well I ain’t no movie star
But I can get behind anything
Yea I can get behind anything”

That’s The Hip I like to listen to.  But lately, I’ve been forced to listen to my left hip and it has not been singing a sweet song.  My doctors tell me I have osteoarthritis.  The cartilage attached to the head of my femur and hip socket has worn down so that I am now grinding bone-on-bone, which not only limits the range of motion in my leg but also causes pain.

My left hip is now an unwanted acquaintance.  My right hip has disowned the left, as the right carries the burden of hauling me around.  My left hip forces me to limp when I walk.  My left hip is abusive – here is how it sings to me:

You cannot bike, you cannot run
I am in control.  Take a seat, you bum
You think you’re fit.  You used to be
Try CrossFit?!  Go ahead.  You’ll see
That I dictate what it is you do
It is I who’ll decide what activities we’ll pursue.

A playground is for kids – I know you have three
They’ll learn to run without you and me
A ball they will kick.  Join them you dare
It is best you don’t, just sit in your chair
They’ll grow up fine without chasing Dad
Just tell them you’re hurt.  They won’t be sorry or sad.

So get used to this gig, it’s easy to do
Just forget the life that you want for you.

I am tired of listening to my left hip.  My pain is not overwhelming and I could tolerate it longer.  But my life is escaping me.  Time I should spend playing with my kids is ticking by.  So, I am confident that hip resurfacing surgery is my best option for a better life.

I’ll always love The Tragically Hip – I just don’t want to listen to my hip anymore.

6 responses to “The Tragic(ally) Hip

  1. Wonderful. Great idea to start the blog. Keep on writing, Doug!

  2. Make sure hip parts aren’t made in Canada and you will be fine! Good luck on the surgery and hope you are chasing kids very soon…

  3. Thanks for sharing Doug.

  4. who knew ye a poet? Thanks again Doug for sharing this journey with all of us! We’ll be praying for you, and keep up the great work on the blog!

  5. Doug, we’re praying for you for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Looking forward to the good news from you soon. I’m certain you’ll have a lifetime of running around with the boys, but you might have to give up on your dream of becoming a ballerina. Sorry.

    Best wishes, Doug.

  6. The Martial Arts is waiting for you to resume training, once you’re fully recovered. You’ll be as good as new again. Wishing you a speedy recovery, bro.


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