Welcome Aboard Hip v2.0!

Despite a seven inch incision in my left hip, I feel good.  I have persistent light headedness and the occasional nausea when I stand, but I feel good.

It is two days post-op and Dr. Vail said the surgery went well; the device fit well in my hip, I had less blood loss than average and my bone density is excellent.  He said it was also clear why I needed surgery; the cartilage was gone, I had developed more bone spurs and my femoral head was no longer round – it had taken on an oval-like shape and it no longer fit properly into the hip socket.  Dr. Vail’s chief resident summarized my status when she said, “You had some gnarly osteoarthritis.”

I am now on the road to recovery and I have already made good progress.  I was able to stand the evening of my surgery and I walked with the help of a walker out of my room yesterday morning.  I almost threw up both times and had to sit down shortly thereafter, but the nurses said that was not an uncommon reaction to the drugs and anesthesia that was still making its way out of my system.  This afternoon, with the aid of crutches, I walked down the hallway and with the assistance of an encouraging PT, I even tackled a flight of stairs.  The hospital does not let you leave until you have “normal bodily functions” and unfortunately, I needed a little help on that front too.  If anyone is morbidly curious, suppositories work.

I am amazed by medical technology and that I am already able to walk with crutches.  But more importantly, I am grateful for the skills of my surgeon and the care of his staff.  God bless Dr. Vail and all the miracle workers at UCSF.  Thanks to everyone who sent a get well or just had me in their thoughts for the last few days.  Your support has been tremendous.  Thanks also to my friends who visited to lift me up.  Of course, my lovely wife, Stacie, has been by my side when I needed her the most.

I am heading home tonight and I know that dedication and patience will be important to a successful recovery.  But if I am half as dedicated as the good folks at UCSF are to their patients, I’ll do just fine.

17 responses to “Welcome Aboard Hip v2.0!

  1. nice nightgown 🙂
    glad you are doing well!

  2. Shirley Delorme

    I’m so glad you are feeling good. From the picture I would say you are making wonderful progress. Ain’t modern medicine amazing. Take advantage of your condition for awhile. Breakfast in bed, neck rubs, etc. Do you have a bell by your bed to ring if you need something. One ring for Stacie, two rings for BBo.

  3. Doug,
    Don’t feel too bad.
    A day or so after my surgery my family doctor came in to see me – and I almost threw up over her…………..

  4. Doug – glad the surgery went well. Everyone at Team Pawlo is pulling for a quick recovery. Relax, read, take it easy. Cheers, Ron

  5. This is all terrific. A miracle. Your family is terrific.

    But…the GLC bike team has set a goal for your new hip: 100 mile Grand Fondo, with your AARP partners, in 2012. Double secret probation wealth and fame awaits. Best LSB

  6. Grrreat news, Doug,and so glad to hear that you are on your way home already.No doubt Stacie and your Mum (and Pat) are standing by to give you lots of T.L.C.to help you on that road to a swift and healthy recovery.
    Love to all the family.

  7. Wonderful to see you well on the way to a full recovery, Doug! You are in great hands with Stacie, who I am sure would have no objection to the bell. Lots of love from all of us.

  8. Damn you have sexy legs Bodel!

    Good to hear all went well and you continue your fast road to recovery.

  9. Bravo ! You beat me in the post-op department . I was weeks on my back after my double knee operation, and more than a month before I could attack stairs. Or are you just keen on showing off your new dress.? Keep up the good work/walk.

  10. Congrats! I saw your post on the the surfacehippy forum, so thought I’d check out your blog. I enjoyed your perspectives on family. Hope you recover very quickly. I’m scheduled for early January myself.


    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your kind words. I wish you all the best with your hip resurfacing in January. Stay positive and you’ll do great. I’ll keep posting, so hopefully my experiences will shed some light on what to expect.
      Take care,

  11. Doug – it’s great to hear your surgery went well and to see you on your feet. “Some gnarly osteoarthritis” – definitely a west coast medical diagnosis!

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