The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

“You will need to give yourself a shot in the stomach once a day for the first ten days you are home from the hospital.”

A surgeon filleting my hip was bad enough, but now Kathy, the nurse, was telling me there was more fun after the surgery was over.  I wondered what else I had to look forward to during my recovery.  I have been home for over a week and now I can share the good, the bad and the ugly:

The Good
Breakfast in bed – A couple of days ago, Stacie made me the best breakfast I have had in years: eggs over easy, three strips of bacon, fresh blueberries and raspberries, apple slices and coffee.  I slept in and my three sons delivered my breakfast to me in bed.  Thanks Babe!
Daily walks – I like that my rehab involves walking my kids to school in the morning.
Afternoon naps – I think Spain is on to something.
Friends & Family – I enjoy hearing from my friends and family – your encouragement has truly helped my recovery.
The Hipping Post – I am having fun writing this blog and I appreciate all of your comments.  Writing keeps me focused on a positive outcome.
SF Giants – I have watched the Giants play a bunch of games.

The Bad
Shot in the stomach – Lovenox is medication that helps prevent blood clots.  Lovenox is in my kids’ “Good” category, as they love watching me stick the 1/2-inch needle into my belly.
Pill popping – I take pain killers, iron supplements and stool softeners.  I keep a separate journal to track what, when and how many pills I pop.
Limited mobility – I walk well with my crutches but my hip gets sore quickly.
Showers – From taping a Ziploc bag over my dressing, to awkwardly standing sideways in the shower, to my wife changing my dressing when I’m done, showers have gone from an enjoyable part of the morning to an exercise in frustration.
SF Giants – I have watched the Giants lose a bunch of games.

The Ugly
My Left Hip – My left leg is battered and bruised.  My incision looks like a big frown stretched across my hip.  Eleven stitches run though the frown.  With a spattering of yellow, blue and purple, my left hip looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.  But, if I look in the mirror, that frown turns into a twisted smirk.  From that view, my left hip grins back at me.  Maybe my hip already knows that underneath all of the ugliness is something beautiful and good.

8 responses to “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Sounds like you are keeping your spirits high. Glad to hear it, Doug! Keep it up.

  2. Doug, you need to become a writer. I really enjoy reading your blog, and you explain your situation so vividly. Just know Bob and I think about you daily and can’t wait until you are doing the activities you love without the pain.

    By the way Stacie learned to cook wonderful breakfasts from me even though she might not admit it. As you know I’ve cooked many of them in my lifetime. We love you Sandy

  3. I’m sorry but I almost wish this “recovery” would go on for a few months. I just love reading your blogs. What a wonderful wife you have to bring you breakfast in bed. Marelyn took your Mom, Bill and I for lunch yesterday. Wonderful to have her back but I know she’s missing you Stacie and the twinkies. Take care. You’ll make it up here eventually. My place is still available whenever you get here.

  4. Your scar is looking back at you and smiling? What sort of drugs are you on!!? haha. Great to see that you are seeing all the sides of what life throws at you bug and making the most of it. I think from time to time about the little things that I take for granted in my day to day life and I realize I have to give thanks more often. Thank you for the reminder.
    …oh, don’t get to used to the breakfast in bed!! You have married one of the best women in the world, but even she can’t keep that up for long….., it will be harder to give up then the pain killers!
    First run down Sudan with ya when you heal up. Hello to Stacie and the boys.
    Be well. Stu

    • Thanks Stu,
      I start PT this week and I’ll be keeping the ski season in mind with every workout.
      I hope you are doing well and please let us know when you are back from the sandbox. I trust you’re doing well. We miss you.

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