Yesterday, I traded my crutches for a cane.  I am making good progress with my recovery but by losing the crutches, I have gone from getting sympathy to receiving looks of curiosity.  With crutches, usually there is a good story.  But a cane often accompanies a disability, not an injury, so people are hesitant to ask, “What happened?”  Nevertheless, losing the crutches is an important milestone and I am happy with my pace of recovery.

I had some other breakthroughs this week.  I picked up my four year old from pre-school.  I was still using my crutches at the time and the walk to his school and back is only one mile, but it’s the first time I have made that walk without feeling the grinding pain in my left hip.  Before the surgery, by the time I got to the school, I was dreading the walk home.  But this time, my hip felt great and on the walk back, I could focus on my son instead of the pain.  I learned that rattlesnakes live in the holes in the dirt beside the sidewalk, was reminded that you should always make a wish before blowing on a dandelion, and remembered that for a four year old, pushing the cross walk button is pure joy.

I also picked up my four year old.  He was playing in the back yard and his feet were filthy.  With a crutch in one hand and the boy in the other, I carried him from the kitchen to the bathroom.  My hip managed the extra weight without any trouble.

I took my last Lovenox shot this morning and I spent 15 minutes on a stationary bike.  As far as I can tell, I am walking without the lumbering limp I had before surgery.  These milestones may not sound monumental but they are signs that I am recovering well.  Soon, I hope my hip will feel strong enough so I can ditch the cane.  In the meantime, maybe I should stick some tennis balls on the end of the cane, like Carl Fredrickson in the movie Up.  Then people will really find me curious.

6 responses to “Milestones

  1. Very enjoyable reading (you might take this on as a future career!) , bringing back fresh memorises of the steps of my rehab. I regret not putting it all in words as you are doing – a motivating exercise. Looking forward to the next episode -“bon courage”

  2. Wonderful to read about your progress, Doug. Sounds like it won’t be long before you’re better than ever!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog, Doug! I love how you get to spend more time with your children and reminisce the pure joy of what it’s like to be a kid.

  4. I love reading your blog also. Even if I am ahead of you it is wonderful to share your experience. It is also very interesting to read how different your surgeon’s protocols are.

    At just over four weeks I have lost the cane except for long walks or extended time on my feet. You will be there soon, my friend.

    Best wishes.
    Dan (dgossack on Surface Hippy website)

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