Back to School

Last week, my twins started kindergarten.  I thought we would have long hugs and maybe some tears, but as soon as we arrived at the school, the boys met a friend, and they were good to go.  They gave my wife and me a wave goodbye, and they were happy in their new world.  Stacie and I just hoped the boys remembered our back to school pointers.  I know I did – they all applied to the hip resurfacing patient:

Say please and thank you – My friends and family want to help, but they expect me to be polite.
Use your backpack – I may not have the latest Transformers backpack, but I use mine to carry my books, laptop and water bottle up and down the stairs.
Do your homework – Now that I am home from the hospital, I have plenty of homework to do: walking, exercising, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.
Listen to your teachers – Whether it’s doctors, nurses, physical therapists, or people who have already had a hip resurfacing, they have a lot to teach me about my condition.  I ask questions, but I listen.
Don’t get your new shoes dirty – Our kids are still wearing their old sneakers from the summer, but I remember my mother giving me this advice.  But now, it’s an incision, not shoes.  My doctors were clear that much worse things than my mother yelling at me would happen if I got my incision dirty.

My new hip occasionally clunks when I walk, my left leg muscles are still sore, and my hamstring is so tight, it feels like it’s going to jump out of the back of my leg.  But I learned something from my boys going back to school.  Despite these annoyances, I have made my left hip my friend, I am happy in my new world, and I am good to go.  Thanks boys.

3 responses to “Back to School

  1. So happy to hear that things are going so well. And I really like your posts…I can’t believe that you’re kids are so old already. Fast forward, from your photo of the twins going off to school…I’ll be dropping Sam off at the airport in a few hours as he boards his flight for school! Ugh…we’re not even taking him to campus this year (his request, not ours)…hope the quick recovery continues and look forward to finding some time for cycling together soon.

  2. Hi Doug;
    Your Mom passed on your blog and I so enjoyed reading it. It seems like yesterday you were going off to school! Sydney, Matt ‘s daughter had her first days at kindergarten this week, your son’s off to school, time marching on is not good for us “old folks!”
    I am glad to hear your recovery is going well. If it is anything like my knees it will be a whole new world to you in a few months.
    Take care

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