Tripping Hazards

Rule #1:  Clear the house of all tripping hazards.

How quickly they forget.

5 responses to “Tripping Hazards

  1. This is not my house…you must have taken the photo from an “Eye Spy” book.

  2. brilliant response, wife! 😉

  3. Ah Yes ……… we remember all too well !!
    How is it that they have been taken back to the ‘dark side’ so quickly?
    After we had them almost trained. Well, close to trained. O.K., O.K., perhaps it was only 45 – 50 minutes, but we had so hoped to have accomplished so much more in 10 days!
    Patrick & B.Bo

  4. Clearing it is easy. You need a shovel and a trash bag. Do it while the kids and the wife are out so as to not create a scene. And act like you have no damn idea what happened to all their stuff when they get back

    PS Throw it in a bin at least three houses away from your own.

  5. Doug, you tell my daughter that I’ve been there and I know its your house even though it does look like a “I Spy” book. I like Stans idea that the stuff just needs to disappear especially if the boys won’t pick it up..

    Hang in there. Sounds as if you are improving even though it’s got to be tough.. Bob and I are thinking of you and look forward to seeing you in October. Love you

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