Success Story

Surface Hippy is a website that offers a wealth of information on hip resurfacings.  The website also hosts a discussion board where people share their hip resurfacing stories.  I focused on reading the success stories, which gave me encouragement in the weeks leading up to my surgery.  But I wasn’t completely confident about my prospects until I spoke with Eric B_.

A couple of weeks before surgery, my friend, Molly, who went to high school with Eric, suggested I give him a call.  I played basketball against Eric in high school, but I didn’t know him well.  After playing at University of British Columbia, Eric played professional basketball in Europe – yes, my high school team lost to Eric’s team.  Although our basketball careers diverged after high school, we now had something in common – in the last two years, Eric had both hips resurfaced.

I was happy I had an opportunity to talk to someone, my age, who had gone through hip resurfacing surgery.  Eric gave me a good idea of what to expect from the procedure and how I would feel in the days and months afterwards.  Eric’s second hip resurfacing was 15 months ago, so I asked him how he felt now.  He said, “I feel great.”

Due to unexpected blood loss during his first surgery, Eric had a tough recovery.  But Eric explained that now, both of his hips felt strong, and he had no problems doing any activity, even playing hockey.  Like me, Eric also has three young kids, so he was back to chasing them around the playground.  But what caught my attention was when he said that he was playing basketball again.  Eric is a firefighter and later that week, he was traveling to New York to play four straight days of basketball in the World Police & Fire Games.  I’m not a professional athlete, but if Eric was back to playing competitive basketball 15 months after his second hip resurfacing, I knew that I would get back to the activities I wanted to pursue.

I traded emails with Eric the other day, and I asked him how his team fared at the tournament.  He said they won gold.

Congratulations, Eric!  You gave me a lot of confidence before my surgery, but actions speak louder than words.  Your recovery and performance in NYC is truly inspiring.  After I am fully recovered, maybe we can play HORSE, and I’ll see if I can avenge that loss from 20 years ago.

4 responses to “Success Story

  1. Sarah Morgan Brooking

    HI Doug- one of my friends in Canmore had her hip resurfaced a couple years ago…. so if you wanted to talk to someone else our age who is also very active, let me know and I will connect you…. she is about to have a baby, so may be busy in the next while…but she is doing great and back to full activity again…. good luck in the recovery journey and know that that soon you will be back on track!

    • Thanks Sarah. I would love to chat with your friend, but it sounds like she’s busy. I’ll send you an email later. If your recent photos on FB are any indication, it looks like you and the family are doing great!

  2. Doug, all of the stories you are hearing are so encouraging and you will be one of those success stories of of these days soon.

    My grandson has great form playing basketball. Tell Andrew he will be a Ky. Wildcat in the future.

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