Time Out for Team GLC

This Saturday is Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge Gran Fondo.  Even if I were able to cycle it again this year, I wouldn’t.  A good friend is getting married this Saturday, and I wouldn’t miss his wedding for anything.

Despite my absence, my friends and colleagues, who are riding, have saved me a spot on Team GLC.  They even gave me a new kit.  Riding a bike is a solitary activity, but cycling is a team sport, and teammates take care of each other.  Team GLC is no exception – they have provided tremendous support and encouragement, before surgery, and during my recovery.  I wish I were there to return the favor and lift their spirits as they suffer on Coleman Valley Rd.  Instead, I will just say thank you and good luck.  I look forward to joining you next year.

I will be thinking of Team GLC this Saturday morning, but for the rest of the day, my thoughts will be with my friend, his bride and all the guests I can’t wait to see.  My left hip may not be ready to ride 103 miles with 8,500 vertical feet of climbing, but hopefully it can withstand a dance or two, and a weekend with my oldest friends.  But like Team GLC after finishing the Gran Fondo, after this weekend, I’ll need home for a rest.

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  2. Love the home for a rest comment. Hope JS’s wedding was fun.

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