You May Kiss The Bride

Last weekend, I took my new hip on its first flight.  I wasn’t supposed to fly until six weeks after surgery, as flying increases the risks of deep vein thrombosis.  But my friends were getting married, and I wasn’t going to miss their wedding.  I was five weeks post-op, but Dr. Vail said that as long as I took an aspirin and drank lots of water the day before I flew and each day I was gone, I should be fine.  So off I went.

Metal detectors and beeping wands do not like resurfaced hips, so I have to get used to full body pat downs at airport security.  But the agents at SFO and YVR were efficient and gentle, so my fears of long delays and strip searches were unfounded.

My hip was uncomfortable during the flight, but for the rest of the weekend, my hip felt great.  On the day of the wedding, I walked for an hour along the Seaview Walk.  In the afternoon, I napped in an uncomfortable hotel bed.  Later that evening, I spun around the dance floor to Spirit of the West – the aspirin and wine may have helped, but I felt no pain.  But, recognizing my recovery was not the best part of the weekend.  The best parts were laughing with old friends, watching the groom’s tears flow as he kissed his bride, and raising a glass to love and happiness.  Congratulations, Jenny and John!

Unfortunately, I was alone on this trip.  Stacie stayed behind with the boys.  Attending a wedding and visiting with friends and their families made me miss my wife and kids.  But my hip and the wedding reminded me of what I had to look forward to when I got home.  I could go for hikes with my family, I would sleep in a comfortable bed, and I would be with the people who bring me love and happiness.

I don’t think any tears flowed, but when I returned home, I also kissed my bride.

*The above photo is courtesy of Tina Graham, who took wonderful photos of our wedding.  If you live in Vancouver and need a photographer, give Tina a call.

5 responses to “You May Kiss The Bride

  1. Nice post Doug 🙂 And congratulations John (and Jenny)!

  2. I loved reading your latest blog. We are so lucky to have you as our son-in-law, and are thrilled you are getting better each day. Love you

  3. Doug – I almost cried myself reading this post. (for all of it: weddings of friends, appreciation of family, memories of Spirit of the West 🙂 …glad the road to recovery is on its way…. Sarah Morgan Brooking

  4. I like the picture of the 2 BPs (beautiful people).

  5. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments!

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