Happy Birthday, Dad

Robert Genn, a Canadian artist, wrote in his recent Twice-Weekly Letter, that love has “something to do with honouring – it’s a high emotion that daily brings out the pencils and brushes.”

When I started sketching a picture of my Dad a few weeks ago, I had not yet read Robert Genn’s letter.  But Robert articulated what I was thinking.  Had my Dad not died over five years ago, today would have been his 70th birthday.  I thought, what better way to honour him, than to draw him.

I was in the midst of a sketch when one of my sons asked me what I was doing.  I said, “I’m drawing Grandpa.”

He said, “Can I draw Grandpa?”

I said, “You sure can.”

My son sat down beside me, and I slid over some pastels and a piece of paper.  When he finished, he asked me to write the year that his Grandpa was born and the year that he died.  After I wrote the years, my son said, “Do you like it?”

I said, “I love it.  And your Grandpa would love it too.”

Happy Birthday, Dad.

PS.  My son’s pastel is pictured above.  Mine is below.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dad

  1. Was thinking about your dad today as well. He was a great guy and gave you guys the ability to be great fathers. I’m in New York right now and will raise a glass to him with Graham.

    • Thanks for your kind note, Chad. I was thinking about you and Patrick today too. Since you and Graham are raising a glass tonight, maybe you guys can have a contest to see who can best imitate my Dad’s goofy dance moves. It’s his birthday, so he would want to know that at least someone was dancing! Have a great time, and please give my best to Gillian. Cheers.

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