Why We’re Fans

Becoming a fan of a sports team isn’t a conscious decision.  It just happens.  You become a fan for many reasons – you were born in a certain city, you attended a particular college, or growing up, your parents rooted for a specific team.  Whatever the reason, you don’t choose a team.  A team chooses you.

Stacie had no choice.  Both of her parents grew up in Kentucky, and her Dad red-shirted for the Wildcats in his freshman year.  Their passion runs deep.  On the day of her grandfather’s funeral, Stacie and her Dad drove over 200 miles to Lexington, KY to watch the Wildcats win the SEC tournament.  Her grandfather grew up on a farm in Kentucky, and he couldn’t have scripted a more appropriate send off.

I went to university in Canada, so when it comes to college basketball, my alma mater is irrelevant.  When Stacie chose to spend the rest of her life with me, so did the Wildcats.  I’m now a happy member of the Big Blue nation.

The girl in this article also had no choice.  She grew up in a Kansas State household, and the extent of her allegiance is impressive, if not a little scary.

Even when you grow up in an area with two professional sports teams, you naturally migrate to one over the other.  My sons were born in San Francisco, I’m a Giants fan, and in 2010, my boys watched the Giants win The World Series.  I assumed they would all be Giants fans, but instead, one of my sons likes the Oakland A’s.

I didn’t understand why he liked the A’s, and any pleading on my part for him to cheer for the Giants only furthered his resolve.  I finally stopped trying to convince him to switch teams and accepted that he was an A’s fan.

My son has not read Moneyball, and I figured he didn’t know that the A’s have won more World Series than the Giants since the Giants moved to San Francisco, so I was curious why the A’s had chosen him.  I asked him, and although he was reluctant to tell me, eventually he said, “Because they are not very good, and I want them to get better.”

It’s a good thing the Giants and A’s play in different Leagues, because now, I’m an A’s fan too.

PS.  Last week, our twins had their first ever little league practice.  In their league, each team wears the uniform of a major league team.  My son was ecstatic when he found out that he and his brother would be playing for the A’s.  Now the whole family cheers for the A’s.

6 responses to “Why We’re Fans

  1. Great post!

  2. All I can say is GO BIG BLUE and now I’m a fan of the Oakland A”s for obvious reasons.

  3. I think that’s why I was such a big Canucks fan growing up. Sure they were my hometown team, but I just wanted to see them succeed despite their (at best) mediocrity. So I totally understand your boy’s reasoning. Their success now is certainly pleasing to me, but with their increased success comes increased expectations and I just won’t see them as a successful team until the Stanley Cup comes the Canucks way. If that means I have to wait 10, 20, 50 years then so be it…

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