Sketches of Joplin

A couple of months ago, I came across Urban Sketchers, a blog featuring sketches and stories from artists all over the world.  I was blown away by the correspondents’ styles and expressiveness.  Although any medium is acceptable, most artists use just a pen, paper and watercolors or markers.  Urban Sketchers inspired me to sketch, and below are a few sketches I completed during and after my trip to Joplin.

The first sketch is of First Presbyterian Church of Joplin.  Before starting our construction projects on Monday, F.P.C. invited us to their Sunday service.  They also kindly fed us a midweek dinner.  F.P.C. has supported and housed groups from over 25 states who traveled to help rebuild Joplin.  This beautiful brick building suffered little damage, as it was outside the path of the tornado.

The building in the sketch above was not so lucky.  This sketch is of the side of the building in the first photo of my last blog post.  It appeared to be a building with doctors’ offices.  The wall just to the right of the window pictured in the sketch was destroyed and we could see a dentist’s chair still rooted to the floor.

This sketch is my rendition of the second photo in my last blog post.  The tornado’s winds reached up to 225 miles per hour as it passed through this residential neighborhood.  Not much was left but some foundations, broken sidewalks, and grass.  This magnolia tree was one of the only trees standing for many blocks.  In the background is where Joplin High School formerly stood – it is now a pile of cement and steel.  A new building, which is either a church or community center, had just been built across the street from the school’s grounds.

P.S.  I have been spending more time drawing than writing in the last month – hence, the month gap between my last two posts.  I will continue to write, but now I am going to add sketches to this blog.  The Hipping Post has evolved again into an experiment in writing and sketching.  I hope you enjoy.

8 responses to “Sketches of Joplin

  1. Elena Mendelson

    Please admit to having sketched before! You don’t cease to amaze me. Looking forward to more experiments… sculpture? 🙂

    • Thanks Elena! I have sketched before, but it’s been a while. Stacie got me a book on drawing earlier this year, so I’ve been practicing. The Urban Sketchers website really got me excited about experimenting with sketches. I don’t think sculpture is in my future, but I’ll likely try other media soon.

  2. Wow, you’re amazing, I can’t believe you never mentioned your artistic talents to any of us working along side you in Joplin, and here we all thought that your greatest talent was pounding nails, little did we know!

  3. Totally awesome Doug. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Val and Andrea,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I’m not sure swinging a hammer is my greatest talent, but I look forward to improving my skills next year. Hopefully we’ll be neighbors again!
    I look forward to seeing you both soon.

  5. Love the sketches! I think you should do more than just a blog …. how about a book with original art?! I’d definitely buy it. Congratulations …. your writing and sketches are wonderful.

    • Thank you, Susan! Thanks for all of your support for me and my Mom. I have to create a few more sketches before I pursue publishing contracts, but I like your thinking! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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