The West Village

Earlier this year, I visited my brother and his family in NYC.  On the weekend, we walked The High Line, which is an old elevated rail line that the City of New York and a group of generous donors converted into a public park.  On our way to the High Line, we walked through the West Village, where I snapped a couple of pictures that I thought would be fun to draw.  I finally got around to sketching one of those pictures.

Below is the first stage of a sketch of some apartment buildings that are situated across the corner from where Greenwich Avenue runs into 8th Avenue.

I liked this ink on paper sketch, but I have been wanting to add watercolors to my sketches, so I figured I would begin with this one.  I have never painted with watercolors, so I would like to thank Patsy Taylor for giving me an introduction in “how to.”  I am taking a drawing and painting class one night a week that Patsy teaches, and she has been a huge help in pointing me in the right direction, particularly with media I have not tried before.

Below is the same sketch after painting over it with watercolors.  I am just scratching the surface of painting, but I enjoyed working on this sketch, and I look forward to adding watercolors to more of them.  Thanks for all the help, Patsy!

I took some other pictures during our walk, so I will likely add some sketches of the High Line to The Hipping Post soon.

3 responses to “The West Village

  1. Love how that turned out Doug!!
    Didn’t know about your talents, but would love to see more!!

  2. I really like your style of drawing. Lovely detail

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