Yosemite Camping Trip

Nothing signifies the start of summer quite like a family road trip.  For the last two years, the day after our kids finished school, we have joined our friends and their kids on a road trip to go camping near Yosemite.

Our kids are young, so we don’t rough it – I would call it “camping-lite.”  Although we camp in the woods, the campground has tent cabins, and a dinning hall where we ate breakfast and dinner.  But with a river for fishing and a campfire for making smores, it was perfect for kids and adults.  The kids wanted a true camping experience, so despite the cabin’s canvas roof, we nevertheless pitched a tent inside.  The sketch above is of our friend’s cabin.

The morning after we arrived, we drove into Yosemite Valley.  After a couple of hours scrambling up and down the boulders at Bridalveil Fall, we stopped for lunch at a campsite in the middle of the valley.  After lunch, we waded in the Merced River with El Capitan towering in the background.  The sketch above is the view from the beach beside the river.

I sometimes have “sketcher’s block”, and I can’t think of what to draw next.  But like writing, something eventually comes to me.  As I stepped onto the beach and looked up at El Capitan, I knew I had my next subject.

It was a short trip, and we drove home the following afternoon.  Of course, in California, no road trip is complete without stopping at In N Out Burger.  I didn’t have time to sketch during lunch, and I didn’t take a picture of the restaurant we ate at, so I used a picture from Google Images for this sketch.

We had lunch at In N Out on the way to Yosemite and on the way home.  Like a true glutton, I had a Double Double (animal style), fries, and a chocolate shake both times.  Mmmmmmm.

P.S. Happy Canada Day!

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