My Time in History

“An artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.” – Robert Rauschenberg

When I first read Robert Rauschenberg’s quote, I thought it was profound and wise.  I thought of Van Gogh and Warhol, who not only defined new movements in art, but who also captured their time in history.  Upon further reflection, I realized that Rauschenberg’s statement referred to all art, famous or not.  It’s one of the reasons I can’t get enough of Urban Sketchers, where correspondents capture every day scenes from around the world in their sketchbooks.

Earlier this week, my time in history was on a United Express flight between Austin and San Francisco.  I took a break from my reading to sketch the business class section a couple rows in front of me.

On Boeing and Airbus planes, United stewards hang a curtain between business class and economy, but not on Canadair Regional Jets.  I watched as the stewardess served champagne to the business class passengers, so I decided that my time in history deserved a Heineken.

For these sketches, I used the iPad app Paper by FiftyThree, and the Bamboo stylus that Stacie got me for Father’s Day.

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