Every Day Matters

“There are many subjects which, on first glimpse, are ugly and mundane, but inspiration can be found everywhere, if only we stop and look.” – Caroline Johnson

Last week, I came across a Freshly Pressed blog post, “Shut Up and Draw.  It’s Good for You!“, which, not only includes some fantastic sketches, but also references Danny Gregory, a creative director at a New York ad agency, an artist, and an author, who is following a drawing challenge called Every Day Matters.  Based on a list created and updated by artist, Karen Winters, the EDM Challenge encourages daily drawing, focusing on subjects from everyday life.  EDM forces you to practice and to tackle subjects you might otherwise ignore or not feel comfortable drawing.  In so doing, the EDM Challenge reminds you to appreciate simple things or moments that we often take for granted.

Some of my past sketches, like the two above, qualify as EDM.  But after reading “Shut Up and Draw.  It’s Good for You!,” and perusing Danny Gregory’s website and blog, I was inspired, and below are some of my EDM sketches:

I doubt I will follow the EDM Challenge as religiously as Danny Gregory, but at least I know I won’t run out of ideas for things to draw.

“I’m just a guy who loves to take advantage of his free time to draw.  I like to draw everyday things, because I think if you look hard enough, you can find a source of daydreaming in the very simple things that are right in front of your eyes.” – Martin Etienne

P.S. Although August 10th was the first anniversary of The Hipping Post, today is the first anniversary of my hip resurfacing surgery.  I’m grateful that I can now chase my kids around the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and I can sit and draw a cramped US Airways plane seat without feeling any discomfort – thanks Dr. Vail.

4 responses to “Every Day Matters

  1. Love seeing your EDM drawings!

    • Thanks Hannah and Blake. You have a great blog, and thanks for sharing your art.
      On another note, my wife’s family are Kentucky natives (she went to UK, and my in-laws are both Murray alums), so we wish you all the best in your new home.

  2. I love your sketches and i’m also thankful you can do the things you love without pain. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since your surgery

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