EDM #1 – Draw a Shoe

As I was cleaning our closet last weekend, I came across my son’s old pair of Nikes.  His big toe had forced its way through the end of the right shoe, so my wife bought him a new pair.

I have a hard time throwing the boys shoes away because lots of good memories are wrapped up in their dirty torn shoes.  Since Stacie and I don’t want the lingering smell of boy foot permeating our home, eventually the shoes find their way to the garbage.  But last weekend, I decided I would hold on to a few of my memories by drawing Bradley’s shoe, before it was gone for good.

Coincidentally, “Draw a shoe,” is the first subject on Karen Winters’ EDM Challenge List.  I swear I forgot that a shoe was #1, but I’m glad I can now check the first one off the list.

P.S. On Urban Sketchers, and in the book The Art of Urban Sketching, I enjoy reading about what type of materials artists use to create their sketches.  In the spirit of sharing with those who are curious, the sketch above was done using a Pigma Micron 005 waterproof black ink pen, watercolors from a Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box, and a Koi water brush, in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook.

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