Travel Sketches

One of my goals with sketching is to visually record the places I visit.  In the last month, I have traveled a lot for work.  I would love to have time to sketch the cities and towns I visit while on business trips, but once I arrive, I am working.  Instead, I sketch to and from my destinations, or when I have time in my hotel room.  Below are some of my travel sketches from the past month.

One of those airport sketches was from a trip I recently took to San Diego, where I met my high school friends for our annual golf trip.  I see some of these guys only once a year, so much like work-related travel, I didn’t have time to sketch during our golf weekend.  Had I pulled out my pen and paper to sketch during a round of golf, I’m sure my sketchbook would have ended up where many of my golf balls did…in the drink.

I managed to complete a few sketches during a recent trip to New York with Stacie.  I’ll share those sketches in my next post.

3 responses to “Travel Sketches

  1. Wonderful travel sketches!

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