“Together, We’re Giant!”

Congratulations San Francisco Giants on winning your second World Series in three years!

2012 was a memorable year for the Giants.  Not only did the Giants win the World Series, but Matt Cain also threw a perfect game, Buster Posey won the NL Batting Title and the Hank Aaron Award (he better win the NL MVP!), and Pablo Sandoval elevated himself to rarefied air when he hit three home runs in Game 1 of the World Series.

September 3, 2012, was a memorable date for the Bodels – it was our first trip to AT&T Park to watch the Giants play.  Unbeknownst to us, it was Star Wars Day at the park, so not only did the boys get to see Buster Posey hit a double in the first inning, they also got to see Boba Fett and Darth Vader.  A kind fan even gave Andrew a commemorative Death Star baseball.

The day was scorching hot, and I was impressed that the boys made it to the end of the eighth inning before we had to leave.  Unfortunately, we missed Buster Posey’s second double in the ninth.  And just like they did in the NLDS and the NLCS, the Giants came from behind, and won in extra innings.

After their first Giants game, our boys were excited about postseason play, and together, we watched a bunch of the games on TV.  But tonight, I watched the final game of the World Series from an Embassy Suites bar in Minneapolis.  I would love to have been with my loved ones when Romo caught Cabrera looking, but I still have great memories of the 2012 season.

And tonight, whether you were in a hotel bar, were sound asleep in your bed, were watching the final out with your mom, or were spraying your teammates with champagne in the locker room, you will always remember that, “together, we were Giant!”

3 responses to ““Together, We’re Giant!”

  1. Turt Turt's mommy

    We missed you last night, daddy, but if you can’t be in your own living room, there’s nothing like a hotel bar on a Sunday night! Love, me

  2. Doug that is awsome loved the blog. Knew you were at the Giants game with your family but Stacie didn’t tell me about Star Wars day and Andrew getting the ball. I also loved the sketches.

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