Restaurant Sketches

I have written about sketching on the train, in airports, and on planes.  Another place I sketch is in restaurants.  When I’m eating lunch with colleagues, or I’m out to dinner with Stacie, I don’t bring along my sketchbook.  But when I’m alone, I sometimes start a sketch while waiting for my food, and finish after I have eaten.

But when I did the sketch below, I was with Stacie and the boys at Mel’s Diner in San Francisco.  After we sat at our table, Andrew asked me to draw him something.  So I used my paper place mat and the four crayons that came with the kid’s menu, and I drew the bottle of ketchup sitting on the table in front of me.  This sketch reminded me, not only to draw in different locations, but also to try new media (not that I plan to permanently trade my Pigma Micron pens for Crayola crayons any time soon).

P.S. When sketching the bottle of ketchup, I was inspired by Robert Joyner, a painter who truly has a way with a Heinz ketchup bottle.

6 responses to “Restaurant Sketches

  1. Son-in-law you are something else. keep drawing love to see your sketches.

  2. Reblogged this on blackvelvet2012 and commented:
    Wow! That hearth looks to be warm and cosy, it is a nice focal point to curl up with a burger and fries along with Mr. Heinz 57 on the side.

  3. I totally like what u r doing very cool

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