Keep Calm and Draw On

Keep Calm

Friends often ask me how I find time to draw.  I’m not a professional artist, so I just draw when I can.  I previously wrote that I draw when I travel, or when I’m in restaurants.  I sometimes just pick up a pen and quickly doodle in my notebook, or on the back of an envelope.

This morning, while having coffee, I grabbed a piece of brown paper that was left over from a roll of wrapping paper, and I drew the stove, tea kettle, and dish towels in our kitchen.  This sketch was for practice, and it didn’t take long, but with the brown background, the white and black ink, and the colored dish towels, I like how it turned out.

Whether it’s for fifteen minutes or for two hours, I enjoy drawing.  Some call it Zen, others “flow,” but when I draw, I find a balance between being calm and focused.  Friends ask how I find time to draw?  Now I wonder, how for almost twenty years, I made no time to draw.

P.S. If you like the style of this sketch, check out Christian Tribastone’s drawings, which he typically does on brown paper bags.  After seeing his drawings, I bought a white Gelly Roll pen that I used in the sketch above.

P.P.S.  Thanks for the dish towel, Beth.

2 responses to “Keep Calm and Draw On

  1. You made my day, Doug. Thank you.

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