My brother and I decided that we would no longer buy birthday presents for each other’s kids. With generous grandparents and plenty of friends, we figured our kids wouldn’t miss one more present from the respective uncle. My brother and his family also live in an apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, so he is particularly sensitive to the number of toys that are slowly invading their living room.

But tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday, and since I am traveling to New York, and I’m staying at my brother’s place, I didn’t think it was appropriate that I show up empty handed. So this year, I am breaking our rule.

The last time I stayed with them, I told my nephew that I would draw him a picture. When I asked him if there was anything specific he would like me to draw, he said, “A warrior helmet.”

Above is the sketch of a samurai helmet that I drew from a photo I found on Google Images. It’s not my picture, so I can’t take complete credit for the drawing, but I figured my nephew would be less concerned about source documents than he would be about getting a warrior helmet for his birthday.

3 responses to “Samurai

  1. This is really nice, babe. Love, me

  2. Way cool! Leaving a piece of you is a very special gift. He will always have you with him.

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