Happy Birthday, Babe!


Twelve years ago today, I met my wife.  My friends, one of whom worked with Stacie, called me that afternoon and said, “We’re taking our friend out for dinner.  It’s her birthday.  Do you want to join us?”

Since I didn’t know the birthday girl, and I figured I would see my friends later that weekend, I said “No thanks.”

But while I sat in my apartment alone, drinking a beer and watching TV, I decided that I didn’t have anything better to do that evening, so I called my friends and said that I would meet them at the restaurant.

So as much as we celebrate Stacie’s birthday each year, I also celebrate the most fortunate decision of my life.  Happy Birthday, Babe.

P.S. And thank you, Chris and Kim, for inviting me to dinner.

One response to “Happy Birthday, Babe!

  1. That is so sweet Doug and she is lucky that you decided to join the birthday dinner. I also remember waiting for her to call us when you were going to give Stacie the engagement ring on her birthday.

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