The range_Paper

I have a hard time committing to any activity for an extended period of time.  I have a long list of “tried and abandoned” pursuits, including the piano, the harmonica, Spanish, speed reading, and CrossFit, to name a few.

Even in my artwork, I don’t stick to a specific media.  Sometimes I sketch in pencil, other times in pen.  In my art class, I paint in acrylics on canvas, but at home, I usually paint with watercolors in my sketchbooks.  I love using art markers, and on rare occasions, when my kids haven’t hijacked Stacie’s iPad, I’ll doodle in an app called Paper.

Range watercolor

As an example, in this post, I included two sketches and a painting, all of the same subject, but each using different media.  The first is a sketch in Paper, the second is a watercolor sketch, and below is an acrylic painting that I recently finished.


Sometimes I think I should focus on one media in order to develop my skills.  But I like the variety of trying different tools and materials.  And I think my sketching helps my painting, and vice versa.

The question is whether or not I will add artwork to my list of fleeting interests.  I like to think that all of those activities just led me back to art.  I finally feel committed to drawing and painting, even if it means I have to postpone trying jiu jitsu, gourmet cooking, and DIY home renovations.

P.S. The image I sketched and painted is from a photo my friend took of the Rocky Mountain foothills outside of Calgary.  Thanks for letting me use your image, Jess.

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