The Hiatus – 30 Days With An Empty Cup

Empty glass

A common expression in the martial arts is, “Empty your cup.”  The phrase is an analogy for knowledge and learning.  Those who think they know everything have a full cup.  If you try to teach these people something new, their cup overflows.  Therefore, in order to learn and to grow, you must first empty your cup.

For the month of April, some friends of mine and I have decided to go without alcohol.  In law school, one of these friends didn’t drink between the day after St. Patrick’s Day and June 1st.  During that time, he dedicated himself to studying and to getting fit.  I love the idea of committing specific time to learning, and to cleansing the body, so this year, we decided we would revisit his tradition.  Since we don’t have exams to study for, we decided that being alcohol free for 30 days was plenty.

So if you are up for a challenge of self-knowledge and personal improvement, empty your cup, and join us for The Hiatus.

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