Travel Sketches – Hawaii

Mauna Kea

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.”
– Saint Augustine

For the kids’ spring break, we joined my in-laws in Hawaii.  It’s hard not to have a wonderful time in Hawaii.  It’s the only place I have travelled to, where I step off the plane, and immediately decompress. 

We didn’t do much other than swim and relax, but I found some time to sketch.  As Danny Gregory wrote in his wonderful new book, An Illustrated Journey,

“When we document a journey in a sketchbook, we discover the difference between vacationing and traveling; we become adventurers, discovering new worlds through a thousand tiny details…the travel journal keeper clears his mind, refreshes his eyeballs and builds a cache of enduring memories.”

I have great memories from this trip, and here are a few I captured in my sketchbook.

Turt asleep


Stace & Ba


Scan 2

Scan 1

When you travel, you don’t just see new places, you also meet new people.  On the way to LAX, Stacie and I met a family who lives only a few miles away from us.  While we were in Hawaii, we met Joe Sakic and his family.  I’m a Canucks fan, but it was cool to meet one the best centers to play in the NHL. 

And staying in the condo next to ours was a mom and her two daughters.  Her youngest was super friendly, and she entertained our boys for the week.  The eldest girl is an artist.  Although only in the eighth grade, her drawings are amazing.  We talked about sketching, I showed her my sketchbook, and I shared with her some of the blogs and artists I follow.

Before our neighbors left, the artist gave me a sketch and a thank you note for inspiring her.  As you can see from her drawing below, it was I who was inspired.


Thanks Morgan.

One response to “Travel Sketches – Hawaii

  1. Hannah Zaslansky

    Cool Sketches!! This really inspired me to be grateful for my surroundings and embrace natures beauty.

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