My First Art Competition


Each year, KFOG, a San Francisco radio station, records and publishes on-air live performances of artists who visit their studio, in a CD entitled Live From The Archives. KFOG also holds a contest for Bay Area residents to submit cover art for each volume of Live From The Archives.

My colleague told me about this year’s contest on Monday, and today was the deadline for submission. So I only had a couple of evenings to complete the artwork, and to get it into a CD cover format. I had lots of ideas, but since I can’t draw well without a reference (i.e., I suck at drawing straight from my head), and I didn’t have time to take a bunch of new photos, I used a picture of our eldest son on his second birthday as a source. I thought it was an appropriate image for the contest, and one that would be different from the other entries, as I didn’t include the Golden Gate Bridge or a Cable Car. After two late nights, including one where my buddy, David Cervenka, introduced me to the Pandora’s box that is Photoshop, I submitted the above cover art.

This evening, KFOG unveiled the top ten finalists, but they did not include my entry. I would like to have made the cut, but I’m glad to know that whichever cover art wins,  all of the proceeds from the sale of the CD  will benefit Bay Area food banks.

So if you are in the Bay Area this November, visit a Peet’s Coffee & Tea, purchase a CD, support the local food banks, and enjoy some live music from KFOG’s archives.

P.S. A special thanks to David Cervenka, without whose help, I could not have created such a polished looking CD cover (nor would I have submitted it on time). David and his wife, Alicia, are wicked photographers, so check out their websites at and And also thanks to Mark Madison for his input, and for poisoning my mind with why fonts matter.

4 responses to “My First Art Competition

  1. My only comment: 107.7 THE BONE!

  2. I would have picked this one – your stuff keeps getting better and better – G

  3. your stuff just keeps getting better and better – keep it up – G

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