A Time For Thanks

C & B_babies

I am thankful for these little guys, and for the bigger versions they are now.  Of course, I’m also thankful for the little brother, who after seeing that he was not included in this drawing, told me that I have to draw him next.  It’s a good thing I am still on a portrait kick.

P.S. And thanks to you for visiting The Hipping Post.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

6 responses to “A Time For Thanks

  1. As I watched you sketching my first two grandsons last night I thought how thankful I am for all five of my adorable, crazy, wild off the wall grandboys. Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to spending the day tomorrow with the Bodel clan.

  2. Peggy and I spent yesterday with our grandsons in Puerto Vallarta. They demanded that they join them in the swimming pool for a splashing session. Thanksgiving Mexican style. 🙂 Very nice sketch of your grandkids. –Curt

  3. This is a lovely sketch Doug!

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